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    Professional Development:

    Demonstrate your Dazzle and Win the Interview by Asking Better Questions


    Going Up? Crafting your Elevator Speech(es)


    Cover Letters that let your Story Shine Through

    Resumes that Get Read

    Academic Career Development:

    Early Career Funding: Why, What and When


    Finding, Organizing & Thriving in your first Post Doc


    Best Practices for Mastering the Pre-Award Process


    Understanding & Showcasing your Transferable Skills


    Making it Manageable: 3 Simple Steps to bring ease to your Academic Funding Strategy


    Not Counting the Chocolate: 5 Reasons to Consider Switzerland for your PhD Education


    ERC for ECR's? €1.5 million to Bring Your Top-Notch Research Ideas to Life in Europe.

  • Recent Highlights

    Science Z'nüni

    What's a Z'nüni? If you live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland it's the time when you take a morning coffee break, eat a Gipfli (similar to a croissant, but you didn't hear such heresy from me), and chat with your colleagues. I stuck my claim for fun and used tiny numbered flags in the Gipfli to tell a group of scientists the details for an upcoming request for proposals.

    A full-day course on Early Career Funding

    I'm not sure what's more fun than getting together with early career scientists from all over Switzerland to discuss the Why, the What, the When and the How's of Swiss National Science Foundation and European Commission funding to enhance their research careers. This workshop featured exercises in career-planning and peer review of frequently-required documents for grant applications.

    Why work when you can play?

    In this 90-minute playshop, I delivered on my promise for no PowerPoint, more participant talking than listening, and plenty of practice for academic millennials preparing for their first interviews after graduate school.


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