What I care about / Where I've been

    I care about community and connection.


    I believe boring meetings should be banned, that PowerPoint should be a tool – not a punishment – and that your team members deserve better than to slog their way through another dry strategy retreat or lackluster board meeting.


    I believe in high quality academic science. I believe many scientists need a reminder now and then to believe in themselves and their mission.


    I have a PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I have worked in research administration for 15 years. At both major research institutions in Los Angeles (USC & UCLA) , I planned and implemented my own projects as well as contributed to large scale national projects in education. Since 2013, I have been part of the Scientific Management team at the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute (EBPI) at the University of Zurich where I focus on developing strategies for acquiring competitive funding, internal & external communication, and internal collaboration. As an independent consultant, I am proud to continue my one-on-one work with researchers at the EBPI as well as academic researcher clients who can benefit from my services.

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