• From break-through ideas to polished grant submission.

    As a scientific funding specialist, I remove the dread from the academic research funding and grant-writing process. I support academic researchers in their pursuit of national and international third party funding to answer their research questions, staff their teams and move their scientific fields forward.


    I work one-on-one with faculty at large, research-focused universities. I also deliver a range of workshops and talks on academic professional development, grant-writing, and protecting your “best brain” for your best work.


    Part editor, part writing coach, I provide careful, thoughtful comments on your research plan. My goal is for your novel solutions to scientific problems shine through in their best light. I keep an eye on readability, but I am not a grammar snob who insists that you use commas the way I do.


    I have a PhD in a quantitative social science (double major in Social and Developmental Psychology). This makes me a very reasonable “first reader” for a wide range of research proposals. I keep an eye out for the second reader, that is, the reviewer. I ensure the reviewer understands your research aims, why they matter, and why they should be funded.

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