• Scientific Funding Coach

    Making Funding Manageable

    You are a productive academic researcher. You run your projects well.


    You wish you had an extra set of eyes on upcoming funding deadlines relevant to your work.


    When it's time to apply, you wish someone else could read the fine print, so you can focus on the science, not the font size.


    I'm the extra set of eyes. I can keep you informed about relevant deadlines and manage the application process.

  • Working with me.

    For individuals or teams

    I can support a one-time submission or I can create a customized funding plan for you (or your team) for the next 6 months or the next year.


    PhD students and Post Docs can join an online group course to prepare applications for common sources of early career funding. You can also hire me to give a workshop for a small or large groups.


    In the submission preparation phase, I create internal timelines for you and your team to make the process stress free. I confirm your eligibility for the mechanism and make sure the submission is complete. Careful reading and thoughtful editing (your voice, not mine, comes through in the end) ensures your proposal is understandable for the evaluators. My goal is to make it easy for the evaluators to advocate to fund your proposal.


    The fee for my services is agreed upon in advance, with the invoice submitted the month following the submission date. This is usually paid via bank transfer. Click here for services and fees.


  • How can I make YOUR funding year better?

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