• Art Car 2019

    Please note: this is a temporary page to update you about the Art Car parade. Don't use the contact me button unless you want to hire me to work on your research grants! I might not see those emails in time.

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    Rain Plan

    It looks like it will be wet on Saturday. To borrow a phrase from Cat Allen (a hiding-in-plain-sight Forrest Yoga expert in Houston) my rain philosophy is the same as her definition of compassion. That is, "accepting what is, within your zone of tolerance."


    Rain Plan:

    • Parade is rain or shine.
    • Parade viewing party is rain or shine, within reason.

    I'm not going to erect the tent while AlertHouston is telling me to shelter in place, but I will trek down to Allen Parkway in my rain boots and eat empañadas in a drizzle. That's my zone of tolerance. If yours is different - you do you! We hope to see you Saturday, but if you can't make it, we'll catch you next time.

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    Parking + Child transport

    Our plan

    We will walk from our house on Columbus Street.


    If you're driving in and have 2 adults, a reasonable plan might be for one adult to drop the kids and other adult north of Dallas around Stanford, park farther away and walk back.


    If I was driving in as one adult, I would try for parking between Montrose and Taft, between W. Gray and Dallas. I would transport my assistants with a combination of stroller, wagon, and carrier.


    Here's the route map.


    If you'd like to tell your GPS something about where to go, put in 2500 Allen Parkway, 77019.