• Let's meet better.

    Some examples of how I've helped people have better events.

    Interview playshop.

    Why work when you can play?

    In this 90-minute workshop, I delivered on my promise to offer no PowerPoint, more talking than listening, and plenty of practice to millennials preparing for their first interviews after graduate school.

    Science Snüni

    A personalized solution to a general problem.

    What's a Snüni? If you live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland it's the time when you take a morning coffee break, eat a Gipfli (similar to a croissant, but you didn't hear such heresy from me), and chat with your colleagues. I stuck my claim for fun and used tiny numbered flags in the Gipfli to tell a group of scientists the details for an upcoming request for proposals.

    Working with me

    Let's help you get together, better.

    I would be thrilled to take your book launch, your board meeting, or your strategy retreat to the next level. Depending on your needs, I can help you formulate a direction, design, and "point of view" for your event and let you take it from there, or I can run the whole show from initial concept until the security deposit from the dance floor is returned.

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